3hr Immersive Workshop for women 
Rebecca Thompson's
Calm, Confidence, Clarity & Connection | Personal & Spiritual Development  
Stress & Energy Management | Feminine Leadership Empowerment 

Oct 8 Brisbane
Dec 3 Bribie
I teach practical spirituality for the real world, 
for women who want to awaken their impact 
without compromising their well-being.
More Energy, More Impact, Less Stress.
Let’s get clear:

Your struggle with burnout, stress, fatigue or lack of clarity and impact is NOT about how busy you are or how good you are…..
It is a struggle with connection.

This search for connection goes hand in hand with the search for meaning and that what you do and who you are matters.

When you DON'T feel connected, seen, heard and valued you may:
The Results?
  • Over-reach trying to make a difference, leading to stress, overload and exhaustion.  
  • Feel a sense of disillusionment, so give up, numbing yourself to the lingering unease that all is  not well.
  • Struggle to set clear boundaries around your needs and others.
  • Lose sight of your true heart’s desire and your joy.
  • Seek pleasure and validation externally, ultimately leading to a sense of vague emptiness within.
  • Get stuck in confusion and doubt, which reinforces the status quo.
Here is the TRUTH: The kind of disconnect and sense of lack many of us feel in our current society cannot be cured outside of ourselves. 
It’s an inside job....
  • Feel more connected to yourself and others instantly
  • Have more energy and impact, with less stress.
  • Get your mojo back!
  • Be seen, heard & valued the way you want personally and professionally.
  • Gently deal with your doubts & fears so that they don't keep sabotaging you.
  • Get clarity and courage for the path ahead

                                            ...and so much MORE!!
At Brilliance with Burnout I will show you how to awaken the power of the feminine, 
so that you can :
My unique cycle of transformation, especially for women that is essential for continuous personal growth and radiance personally and professionally.
How to clearly see and gently deal with the blind-spots that are sabotaging your success.
The 6 keys to brilliance without burnout and how to awaken the power of the feminine to create the connection you are craving.
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10am to 1pm 
23 Parker St, 
Newmarket, Bris

Garden Room, Bribie Island RSL, 99 
Toorbul St, Bribie

I have worked in the wellness arena for over 25 years as a physio, yoga/feminine presence teacher and life coach.
I have witnessed and worked with 1000’s women in varying degrees of burnout, stress or struggle. Irrespective of the symptoms, the root cause is a lack of connection, self-worth and doubt. 

15 years ago I too was in chronic pain, struggling with self worth, caught up in my own perfectionist limitations and feeling stuck about my future as a physio.
The physical and emotional pain propelled me to get serious about my own personal and spiritual development.

I am now pain-free, with a successful business doing what I love - helping other women transform their lives. 

And as a mum, wife, yogi and entrepreneur, I get the dynamic balance of family, biz, dreams, spirituality, relationships and lifestyle that you are juggling with too.

Throughout this incredible journey I have distilled powerful tools for the modern-day woman who is wanting more fulfillment in life and to walk the path of conscious leadership, without compromising their own well-being.

I'd love to walk with you.

My own story from Burnout to Brilliance....
Tanay Smith
"Before working with Rebecca I felt confused, emotionally unstable, unfulfilled in my business and disconnected from family and friends.

Now I feel so uplifted, confident, empowered and connected. I am effortlessly attracting new clients for my business. I can’t express how powerful Rebecca's work is and how everyone needs to invest in themselves to find out who they truly are."
Be ready to create change and 
walk a different path...
This is TANGIBLE, EMBODIED, PRACTICAL SPIRITUALITYa clear path for powerful female leadership with vibrant health and radiant relationships. 

You will go away with hands on tools to:
Have a magnetic presence that attracts the attention you want. 
Get out of your head and into your feminine presence for calm and clarity
This is for women who have been in the personal and spiritual development arena for some time and are committed to creating massive transformation in their life, awakening the highest expression of themselves without compromising their own well-being.

This is not for you if you don’t feel ready for taking up the reins of your life and 
be courageous in the face of change.
Are YOU Ready?
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Bring a Friend for FREE !
10am to 1pm 
Discover the truth about your mind games that have been keeping you small....and finally dissolve their power over you.
23 Parker St,
Newmarket, Bris

Create healthy boundaries improving energy, impact and connection.
Garden Room, Bribie Island RSL, 99 
Toorbul St, Bribie

Kelli Carr
"For years I had been operating on auto pilot having no real direction in life or enjoyment in my work and nothing I tried seemed to change anything. NOW from working with Beks, everything has changed!!

I finally feel worthy and have become the boss in my workplace and able to re-structure to support everyone more. I feel rejuvenated instead of depleted with more joy, energy & less stress. My relationships have improved beyond measure.

The changes in my life are priceless! "
What People are Saying...
Helga Dalla
“WOW what an awesome event with the gorgeous inspirational speaker Beks Thompson.

Resonated with all that she shared at ‘art of brilliance without burnout. Beks has the answers - I highly, highly recommend connecting with her.

She certainly knows how to create a safe space for everyone to be their true authentic selves and drop the barriers that are holding us back”
“Working with Beks has changed the way I look at my job and the way I approach my life. It's not about money. It's not about business. It's about the people and how I can positively impact not just their lives but the lives of their families too. I feel joy for the first time in a really long time” 
K. Carr
"Part way through the workshop I needed to take a sales call, I used the tools you had just shared with us and I cannot believe how different and effortless the call was...plus I got the client!

Wow I am literally blown away and cannot wait to start your programme and find out what more potential there is!" 
Patrice Douglas
“Since attending I have been more grounded, less stressed and have been opening myself to others more willingly with less effort. I have been more productive, and my capacity to cope with multiple projects has increased" 
K. Everson
“We have a special place in this universe as women and if you want to feel that and move forward in a beautiful and purposeful way this is the place to be” 
W. Davey
23 Parker St,
Newmarket, Bris
Garden Room, Bribie Island RSL, 99 
Toorbul St, Bribie
Rebecca Thompson (aka The Beacon) is an integrated health and personal development specialist, sought after inspirational speaker and published singer-songwriter.

With over 25 years under her belt as a physio, yoga, presence teacher and coach, Rebecca now runs highly successful transformational events and programmes.

She is founder and creator of  BE A BEACON and is highly regarded as a leader in her industry.
Rebecca Thompson
Frequently Asked Questions
Is  this event only for women in business?

No, this event is for all women who are on a personal and spiritual development path and committed to positive change
Is  this just an information session/sell or am I actually going to get some help?

This is an engaging and interactive event, you will practice and go away with powerful tools to implement and see a difference in your immediately. We will also share a way to go deeper with this work if you want to.
I've done a lot of personal/spiritual development, am I going to learn anything new here?

YES! One of the most common things we hear participants say is how they have done so much before, but that this is either completely new or a different spin that really lands for them and makes a huge impact.
I haven't done anything like this before, is it okay If I attend?

If you are truly looking to create some change in your life then YES!! Just by being curious and drawn to this event, you are showing that you are ready for the next step in your life. If you are willing, you are welcome.